Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Profiteering Prophet of Doom

I never trusted Alex Jones. Don't get me wrong...I do believe the wheels are in motion toward a one world government (or "new world order" if you prefer - led by the banking elite), but I'm not convinced of all the sinister steps that he professes.  It is an obvious conclusion that our homogeny will eventually lead in that direction.  I am however, very suspicious when AJ (as his devout followers refer to him) just happens to have a cure-all for sale for every ill that he claims has been duped upon humanity toward that end. Tell me the direction the world is going but please don't try to sell me stuff - a squirt a day from a dropper bottle of snake oil will not undo the damage.  Hint: In today's self absorbed society; if the world falls into chaos, all the prepping (and Super Male Vitality) will make little difference in your chances of survival.  59,78,54,0,B


Larry G said...

Good Lord John... a conspiracy theorist that sells stuff!

Margery Bills said...

Quacks. Some things sound interesting but that is all. I don't participate in any of that. I like simple living - healthy food (sometimes hard to follow), and healthy ideas. The Bible is the best book. I like Proverbs and Psalms the best.

rpm said...

well, that's a very broad assumption.

i've actually researched and used many of the products shown in the screen capture and have had nothing but excellent results.

i'll go through all of them in order from the pic:

btw - all of the infowars life products have been formulated by highly accredited doctor Edward Group of the Global Healing Center here in Texas. you can easily search his credentials.

Oxy Powder is a very simple combination of natural ingredients (you can see this online) that helps cleanse the colon.

Liver Sheild, when combined with Oxy Powder and a very safe and simple regimen of various raw foods including virgin olive oil for 3 days, you will be shocked to see the unbelievable results. Did you know your liver develops 'balls' or 'stones' similar to your gallbladder or kidneys?

check out "liver cleanse before and after" in your search engine under 'images'.

Ancient Defense is simply a reintroduction to the herbs and minerals God gave us from the beginning that He designed for our health. nothing new, just high quality, well formulated up-to-date science products at a affordable price.

Pro Pure water filtration systems have been proven to the finest affordable filtration systems on the market guaranteed to remove some of the most prevalent toxins in tap water like 'fluoride' and 'chlorine'.

Super Male Vitality once again is a concentrated formula of natural ingredients God created to keep us healthy and strong. most men like me as they get older begin to experience a slowing of hormone development causing lack of energy and in some cases libido. some men turn to hormone or testosterone supplements which can be risky and cause unnecessary aggressiveness.

Survival Sheild is one of the most important products listed. accross the country innocent people are drinking or otherwise absorbing dangerous halogens like flouride which have been proven to cause cancer and docility. the number one area affected by these toxins is the thyroid. 50 years ago, iodine was included in salt because doctors and scientist discovered how vulnerable our bodies were to certain toxins. people all over the world use Himalayan Salt to obtain these iodine rich elements.

Brain Force once again is a all natural formula based on centuries old research proving organic all natural ingredients can literally boost your cognitive ac-cumin resulting in immediate results. naturalist all over the world know for a fact that ingredients like Bacopa Herb Extract and Vitamin B-12 increase brain activity.

Lung Cleanse is a simple defense you can help yourself with in a world full of dirty air. office spaces, hospitals, schools, public transportation etc.. once again natural ingredients to help strengthen your immune system.

MRE's - a 4 week supply of non-gmo food for you and your family for $175. compare that to the rest of the crap online.

Survival Spring personal water filter with two stage filtration = $24. i had lunch with a buddy this past weekend; two hamburgers, two sodas = $25.

Secret 12 is simply real Vitamin B-12. most B-12 you buy in the stores is synthetic.

ProstaGuard made with Saw Palmetto, vitamin D-3 and Lycopene among other proven all natural ingredients is just a simple defense men can practice to strengthen their defense against all the incredible problems that the prostate can suffer.

so there you have it. these products are not snake oil, these products are proven high quality personal defense against the poisons and toxins our bodies are subjected to daily.

pw said...

Glenn Beck one day and Alex Jones the next. I see a pattern

rj said...
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rj said...

I am glad John is taking a look at some of these snake oil salesmen who spend millions in advertising to sell you overpriced vitamins, filters, etc. Why is it that Rick Perry and Jeb Bush can't afford nationwide Radio or TV time but these guys can? Because they are selling things you can buy for 1/3 the price at Home Depot or Walmart with big claims by "MDs".

Almost all Medical professionals discount supplements as ineffective at best, potentially hazardous in overdoses and sometimes toxic when combined with prescription drugs. You can have your doctor test for the few vitamins that can be low in certain genetically prone individuals such as Vitamin D and B12.

This particular "MD", Dr. Edward Group, out of Houston, got his Medical Doctor's education from a non-accredited Haiti based University, which means he can't be licensed to practice as an MD. He can use the Dr. label legally since he is actually a Chiropractor.

From 2011:
"Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi announced on Tuesday that her office has sued Joseph LaFortune (JLF) University School of Medicine and its affiliated entities for defrauding medical and nursing students. Students were promised that they would eligible for licensure in Florida following graduation.

Based in Haiti, JLF University School of Medicine maintained an office in Miramar. Their local and Washington state phone numbers have been disconnected with no forwarding information.

After graduating, students learned they were not eligible for licensure as the JLF University medical and nursing programs were not accredited or approved by any entity

Named after its founder, Joseph LaFortune, the “University” offered online courses for their non-accredited medical and nursing schools. Students enrolled in the nursing program were required to pay anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 for the year-long program and several weeks of clinical practice in Jamaica."

By the way, Alex Jones attended Austin Community College, a two year institution. He believes the government was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing, the September 11 attacks and faked the Moon landings.

Steve said...

The mentally ill are the easiest demographic to market to. He knows his audience.

Wyowanderer said...

I look at Alex Jones the same way I look at James Yeager- listen to them for an hour to get stirred up to do something, then stop listening and do it. Under no circumstances should one follow their advice or buy the products they hawk.

Ronald Mahan said...

I place Alex Jones, and the rest of these snake oil sales people, on an ethical level with the past and current Terlingua Ranch POATRI Board of Directors. Despite the controlling legal document (our TRMA) giving property owners the right to vote on our TMRA fees, POATRI stole our right to vote on our TRMA fees in 2005. They took away our SAY - and gave us their FLAT FEE to PAY ---------------------------------------That is what the PROPRTY OWNER'S -- NO SAY - NO PAY sign - is informing you of. Currently - less than 40 percent of all owners pay TRMA fees. And because of the failure to follow the TRMA rules, POATRI can not get your property. Unless you also fail to pay Brewster County Taxes!

Carlos said...

I've met Alex Jones several times. He's a whole lot less shifty in person than his on screen personality. His advertised products are tailored to a specific demographic that the MSM does their absolute damnedest to vilify at every turn. That would be us BTW. I used to listen to 'AJ' when he was on Radio Free Austin before the FCC shut them down. Throw out all the the thin evidence that AJ throws out there for his conspiracies and you're still left with some scary results: the WTC buildings were some seriously flawed designs, the Bush's and Clinton's are some seriously corrupt political machines hellbent on maintaining their grip on power and the financial resources that come with that power. I could go on forever but as AJ says almost daily: don't believe me do your own research.

Steve said...

Operators are standing by to take your order...

WhyR said...

pw said...

But this factual article is published in the "can't be trusted" liberal media so none of Beck's fans will even read it.