Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Another nice day here but not quite warm enough to make it perfect. Off'n'on welded all day and finished all but 6 flanges for the roof system. Last on the agenda was to break down the scaffold I borrowed months ago as it has to be returned tomorrow to my buddy Marbert.

Got a message today with some photo links from my new photog friend Xilia Faye. Suddenly it occurred to me that in fact I did have some human contact yesterday. She stopped by early to say hello and goodbye. Sent her an email apologizing that I said no humans in sight - to which she replied - "I am superhuman so it's all good". Xilia is just beginning a year long driving tour of the country. You can keep tabs on her progress and excellent photography here... http://www.inmyelement.me/ Funny thing is ....she got sucked in to checking out the Big Bend at the very beginning of her trip and what does she do?.....buys 10 acres of land. Now she has a little patch of Texas Paradise to come back to when she is done cruising. She shot these photos last week when she came out for a Field Lab tour. 47,65,25,0


Gavin said...

John, you look like an Arctic explorer or maybe an early aviator.
Very intrepid.

Great pictures... but I wish they were larger so we could see all the details.

Xilia Faye said...

I love that pic of you! I think its my fave person pic sofar ( shhhh dont tell Banita shes not human!!! ;P)

Xilia Faye said...



for larger versions

Anonymous said...

John, your photos are good! Is there a Terlingua coffee table book comin out in the future?

frito bandito said...

For a man flying solo in the desert you have excelent quality human contact, and you and Benita take an excellent picture too!
Or the photographer did an excellent job.

John Wells said...

I added s slide show link to the post for Xilia's photos of the Big Bend including more of TFL and Benita.

Scruffy Jones said...

That is a really good image of you. Iconic I might go as far to say!

Gavin said...

If you have trouble with those links then try these:



Great pictures... just love 'em.

Unknown said...

My favorite photo by Xilia of Benita (she calls her Bonita on Flicker)is the one with the sunlight passing just behind Benita's ear, with low mountains at the bottom and that great big, BIG, sky on top. This is a very special photo and JW should have it.