Sunday, July 18, 2010

6 hour Sunday...

Took the "day of rest" off and put in 6 hours of spraying.  Just past the 3/4 mark on the sky steel.  Worked it into two shifts today - early cool morning and still kind of warm late afternoon.  Long break and a nap in between.  One of my Robber Fly buddies (nice beard) came by to snack on the front porch fare.  I need to coax one of these guys inside to dine on the 5 flies that refuse to leave my living space.  91,99,67,0,B


zwango said...

Wow! The pic of the robber fly is wicked!
Very Cool!
Good paint job too.

Fred said...

You need one of those flying pest strips that you unravel out of a tiny canister and pin on the ceiling! It ends up a couple feet long and anything that lands on it is stuck! Be careful because that strip is so sticky that you need gasoline to get that guck off your fingers! Any hardware store should have them!

Dizzy-Dick said...

Impressed with the picture of the robber fly. Caught him in the act. Or is it a she?

Paint job is looking good.

Unknown said...


Last night we watched one of the films you recommended, "City of Lost Children," and now wish I'd taken your "Polyester" suggestion.

I'd like to return the favor with a recommendation of my own, but you'll have to go to my blog at to see it.


rj said...

The City of Lost Children
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k1mgy said...

Looks a bit menacing.

I bet the insects there, in comparison to the ones here, back east, are as big as Benita.

compassionate said...


I am recommending he movie the "crazies" to you. I took my son and his friends to see this and believe me, the title is appropriate. Enjoy!

Your loaf of bread reminds me of yet another great movie, "The Blob". A story about what appears to be a drop of Jelly that grows and grows and eats people. Great movie!