Friday, July 9, 2010

Blackbird Naturals

The supposed day long deluge was only morning drizzle.  Although I really didn't deserve the treat - I did a GrubShack lunch this afternoon after waiting for the road to dry out.  Got a double delivery today.  UPS brought me my copy of "The Omnivore's Dilemma" and USPS brought me something really special - more about that later.

Was pretty pleased with my rock work yesterday so I went out and fetched 3 more loads.  Spent the late afternoon assembling the e"rock"tor set - adding some stone walls to the fire pit project. One or two more days of drizzle and rocks and I will be returning to spray paint mode.

Back to the special delivery today...this is my tale of a crazy life path and 6 degrees of separation.  Way back in the 80's, I met and became friends with a makeup artist named Bonnie Maller.  She introduced me to photographer Chris Callis who I worked for and became good friends with.  While working for Callis, I met another photo assistant and good friend - and now successful photographer, Dan Winters.  At the time, Dan was dating Denise Milford, now another successful photographer and film maker - and good friend.  After I made the move here, Denise introduced me via the web to her sister Debbie Young.  Debbie introduced me via the web to Anthony Anderson - both I consider good friends though we have never met in person.  Today I got Truffles I ordered from the company that Anthony started with Alexandra and Andrea.  The truffles are UNBELIEVABLE!!  The internet links are as follows:

75,87,70, .21",B


Unknown said...

Yum, truffles ... mhm ... and your rock work looks fantabulous, Mr. Wells :)

Ark Andrea said...

John - We are thrilled that our truffles landed safe and sound and honored that they made their way to you through 6 degrees of separation - feeling way more like 6 degrees of connection!! xoxo Anthony, Alexandra and Andrea

PS We're fans of all of the 6 degrees! We love Debbie - can't wait to visit in AZ xoxo

ezrablu said...

Mmm...come to me my sweet truffles! My order is in.
If I've said it once, I'll say it again...nice rocks JW.

Anonymous said...

I had Spam truffles once at Spamarama in Austin...uhhh well yum!

Debbie Young said...

John, just got back from the BlackBird Naturals central headquarters! We had lots of yummy truffles and a good time with the chickens and the crew too.
Hope you are keeping cool in the heart of Texas!
xo Deb