Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Finally finished a clean sweep of the hut today...no wonder my beard isn't getting any longer - must have vacuumed up two beards worth of hair.  Nice to have all horizontal surfaces empty again, if only for a short time.

Got the shower ship shape again.  The water heated up nicely today.  From Wikipedia:  BTU is the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.  So today the sun (and a newly patched closed system) helped out and raised 333.6 lbs of water 44 degrees = 14,678.4 BTU's.


Rita B. said...

isn't it amazing how difficult it is to be organized without being anal about it (everything in it's place immediately)? there's that "homey" look, then there's "where did all this stuff come from!" congratulations on your winter cleaning.

BBC said...

Was most surprised to check the mail box and find a package from you, John. Thanks a bunch for the pictures, way cool. It appears that you put that bigger building together, that’s admirable, I like it when folks can do for themselves that way.

I once built a 12X24 foot home on 20 acres off grid using a table saw with a gas motor mounted under it.

That’s my kind of place, only I like a lot of trees also. Wondering what you do for heat in the winter. Again, thanks for the pictures.

Rita B said 'winter cleaning', I remember cleaning something about ten year ago.

I've lived alone since 98 so I must admit I've become a slob, but I sure have a lot of survival shit on hand.

"where did all this stuff come from!"

A lot of my shit came from working as a handyman working for stupid rich shits that had me remove damn good things so they could have better things, and from Yahoo Freecycle.

At least that stainless steel sink out in the yard won't rust until I get around to installing it in my place, or not.

No woman here so I guess I don't need a nice sink.

Unknown said...
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deguello said...

14,678.4 BTUs
3,701,369.943 Calories

James said...

rudall said: a grown man can do about 1 kilowatt-hours worth of physical work in one day, which is 3412 BTU, so your solar system did the work of 4 men in a single day...

good stuff!

BBC said...

In my area my four solar panels are often worthless because it rains so much, or is cloudy.

On the other hand we will never run out of water here.

2 Dogs said...

With all that hot water and since you shed worse than a Persian cat a shower, shave and haircut might be in order. Ya know fer the new year.

Done a little barbering in my time. Mostly on me and critters but I'm game to do a little pruning on ya.

BBC said...

Done a little barbering in my time.

Been cutting my own hair for 20 years, can't stand jewelry on me and hair touching my ears. Can't stand clothes touching me sometimes.

Like to press up against a nipple though. :-)

2 Dogs said...

BBC, maybe we need to team up and work over JW.

You wanna do the major pruning or the trimm'in?

WhyR said...

Sometimes... maybe too much information.

Allen Hare said...

Interesting information about the solar shower and BTU's.