Sunday, December 4, 2011

Virtual Sunday

Last Night...the McKenna/Elmores brought me a Pinyon Pine Christmas Tree from Ft. Davis
This my payphone working

This Afternoon...had virtual cocktail hour with Swamp Girl 2011 back in Albany NY.


Allen Hare said...

Very nice!

CoolChange©© said...

That's a nice tree. Sounds like a nice relaxing Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Virtual Cocktail Hour! That's an awesome idea. I'll be implementing that soon!

Allison said...

Beauty! You do lovely work, just lovely.

Unknown said...

Get rid of all the mexican lingo on the phone. If they need a ride back home they can walk back across the border and thumb it.


2 Dogs said...

We are gonna need the number to that phone so we can call and supervise your work. Now that you have that camera up and running TFL can be run like a government operation. One worker and a dozen or so supervisors.

Also need to get a mic on that camera so you don't have to mime.

nate.mckenzie.aouc said...

"Virtual" Cocktail? Partaaay On!