Thursday, May 17, 2012


Nice morning grape vine shadow...planted some taters today (Yukon Gold and All Blue) from  Also got some yellow onions and elephant garlic started in short tubs I got from my girlfriend, Carolyn Burr.

One of the 4 Palo Verde trees I started north of the greenhouse withered up so I transplanted one of her sisters that I started at the same time and has been living in a pot over the winter.  85,95,56,0,B,0



Off Grid R and D said...

my girlfriend? Did you have to trim your beard? :)

Quixote Kid said...

Curious to see how the potatoes will do in a greenhouse environment, please keep us posted. In central Texas I haven't had much luck keeping potatoes alive much past May that are in the ground.

Girlfriend...?!? Did I miss a post somewhere?

Allen Hare said...

Some wild looking potatoes.

Hope this Palo Verde makes it.

MsBelinda said...

Girlfriend? Guess I am behind in news. Congratulations!