Monday, May 14, 2012


Transplanted my fruit trees this morning.  Extracted the loser plants from the earthbox test and fed them to the hens.  Loaded it up with the ingredients as per instructions and popped in two heirloom beefsteak tomato starts I got in Ft. Stockton. 

Pulled off another squash (527gm) and some first beans (45.9gm)

Checked the forecast and saw some major storms coming through.  First round missed me altogether.  Did all my storm prep including adding some hail buffer to my glass door (heavy winds out of the NNE)  Stapled up a vinyl shower curtain that was in the old Airstream.  Never even noticed the image on it till I got it fixed on the door frame and saw it from the inside!  Second round hit but the big red blobs on the Doppler radar passed just north and south of me.  I hear that the Ghost Town and Study Butte got hammered and sustained quite a bit of damage.  62,81,60, .17",W, 1.26


Unknown said...

Hey John, how come I haven't seen anything you've cooked that you have harvested?

Unknown said...
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S.A.B.L.E. said...

The chickens will love any produce that you don't get around to eating.

Allen Hare said...

Hope the fruit trees do well out in the real world.

Those are some colorful beans.

Love the shower curtain. Some manufacturers have a sense of humor.

Sad for the folks in Terlingua/Study Butte. Hope all the damage is repairable, and that no one was hurt.