Thursday, November 1, 2012

4 months old...

Alpine run.  Got the truck inspected so I'm good for another year (tires are good, lights and windshield wipers worked, and the horn honks).  Popped into the tax office to pay my property taxes.  They have gone up now that I have some new land.  Just over $300 for 105 acres.  Did some new math since I posted about my first tax bill out here.  Now I pay property tax here per year what is cost me every 9 days to live in upstate NY.  Last year I gave all the girls in the tax office a Benita post card.  One of the postcards is posted on the tax maps there.  Had a great catfish lunch at Penny's Diner with the Cain family.

Ben is 4 months old today (and about 250lbs).  Bought him more Tposts, 50lbs of calf manna, his last 25lb bag of nurse chow, and his very own brush.  He LOVES the brush....not too happy about that last bag of milk replacer.  He is eating a lot of hay and manna now so tomorrow his milk ration gets cut in half.  72,83,48,0,B,0


remmij said...

almost blew coffee through my nose when I read you had pooped in the tax office - a bold statement -
... then I re-read... sorry to hear they've gone up - is there any other direction?
Ben is getting to be a big boy - bet you notice if he mis-steps and has your foot between his hoof and the ground. Impressive progress on the kraal.

Rita B. said...

I LOVE catfish! Penny's will be on my dining agenda next time down. I'm extremely sorry about all of the hard hit areas up in New York and especially New Jersey and hope they all find shelter and get services back soon. But John, you may have just given some people ideas about moving to West Texas. You and Ben have a great weekend (we'll be peeking in) and avoid those crazy Chiliheads.

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Allen Hare said...

That brush. It's the little things that make life such a big deal.