Friday, November 30, 2012

back in focus...for now

Cleaned up my camera least on the outside.  Still lots of dust inside on the sensor and in the lens elements, but at least it almost focuses again.  To give you an idea of how bad it is - here is an unretouched image from two mornings ago with the moon setting.

Unfortunately, the shot of the day was still not tack sharp.  Got 3 more sheets of siding up...trimmed and painted the final 9.  65,79,39,0,B,0


remmij said...

John - you may have already looked at these, but I thought I'd pass them along anyway - might be helpful - a bit on the risky side, but this seems to be a common Lumix malady... need the fine motor skills/tools, but appear doable. Good luck - if the dust includes sand Santa may be the answer.
ZS8 - similar?
TZ10 discussion

John Wells said...

thanks remmij...excellent info!

Allen Hare said...

I like that you paint the panels before installing them. It's all looking so good.