Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a Jpop day...

Burned up half a day messing around with my IP cam.  By the time I finished playing with technology, some storm clouds rolled in.  Policed the grounds, packed up tools and hardware, and covered stuff that really doesn't need to get wet.  I seem to be drawn to Jiffy Pop when there is a chance of rain.  I think I might have gotten two drops.  So it wasn't a total loss - got the first rafter in place after the skies cleared late this afternoon.  Don't bother mentioning hurricane clips - I got 'em.  63,74,64,0,B,.23  


remmij said...

that is one well framed photograph!
Happy T-Day - there are still multiple things to be thankful for... there should be a Ben balloon at the Macy's thingy.

Rita B. said...

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ben, Carl, Mr. Floppy, Mary Lou and Ginger and all of the beautiful critters around The Field Lab. Ben's gonna have the best man cave that side of Dallas. Can't wait to see the finish building.

JohnnyM said...

Lots of well wishes to you JW, Ben, Carl & all the critters.

We had a wonderful day here in Hossier Land. Nice temps, sunny day, exotic birds to watch frolic this morning.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Carl, Mr. Floppy, + (Ben)
Would loved be there/ great Hug to yu dude
No Black Friday there at greater Bg Bend areas (like)
Yur sermon tomorrow ?

Allen Hare said...

Jiffy Pop is fun and tasty!

That first rafter in place is a good milestone to pass.