Saturday, December 1, 2012


Got a cute/cheap telephoto lens today for my webcam.  These are made for iphones...only 25 bucks including delivery.  The product title is a little misleading....Optical Zoom Telescope Camera Lens.  No zoom, but it gets the job done.  JB Welded it to the camera cover. A little distortion at the edges but 1000 times better than the digital zoom with the webcam software.  Now you will be able to see for sure if I fall off the roof.

Picked up Bens roofing from Dick Cain today.  He brought the load south from McCoys for me yesterday.  Final shot of the day with my Kodak Playsport...all the siding up - trim, and gates to come.


Bruce S said...

Ben is going to have a nice cozy place for the winter. That should keep the boy happy.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Looks like you found a bargain in that telephoto adapter, even though it wasn't made for that camera. What ever works, right?

Allen Hare said...

That IS a cute little lens. It's amazing what they make for iPhones these days. Mine takes great pictures. I just bought a good tripod mount for it. Maybe I'll consider some after market lens, too. Thanks for the link.

Barn looking fantastic. Great work, as usual.