Friday, February 22, 2013

pineapple jibberjabber

Prepped the first pineapple top for rooting.  According to the directions, I am to leave this out to dry for a couple of days - I am going to take that to mean 2 days and go from there.  So far it has gone "as per".

On Wednesday, I did a phone interview for my friend Andrew Odom of   Chatted with him for over an hour and a half.  Looking forward to the day he can come out and visit TFL.  You can listen to the podcast here.   This is a much more accurate picture of life at TFL than what is coming out soon in England.

I think my episode should be airing this month (only in the UK) from that British documentary crew that was out here in July. Hoping to get a DVD in the mail soon just to see how they fantasized my life at TFL.  The program is called "Where the Wild Men Are".   Did some digging online about the show and found this description of my life that I found pretty amusing.
"He also visits John Wells in Texas, who ditched a New York fashion photography career and a mansion to hunt rattlesnakes, decapitate dead cows for their horns and live with his pet rooster Carl in a small hut made of scrap metal."   I can't wait to see what my life is really about!  54,7235,0,B,0


Hollis said...

The Glamorous Life: hunt rattlesnakes, decapitate dead cows for their horns

Judy said...

All four of my pineapple tops sprouted roots without the 48 hour drying time. They went straight from me twisting the tops out of the pineapples and removing a bunch of the leaves to disposable cups of water to root.

It is interesting to see how others view your life.

Janet said...

You can also regrow celery.
Also planted Tender Crisp celery seeds from Baker's Seeds last summer and had celery through Fall and most of Winter here near Fort Worth.

Smackmama said...

I did the pineapple trick too by putting it in a jar of water in my sunny kitchen window. It has produced 2 pineapples living in a huge flower pot. Keep up the good work...I enjoy watching and reading up on your activities.

rj said...

Another summary of the UK story:

Former New York fashion photographer John Wells (53) ago quit NYC four years ago for a life off the grid in one of the most inhospitable terrains on earth. Hunting deadly rattlesnakes and decapitating dead cows to sell their horns are just some of the delights that now make up his day job, as is fitting in with the eccentric desert folk and doomsday preppers that inhabit the neighbouring Ghost Town. Ben joins John (and his pet rooster Carl) in their humble abode - a small hut made of scrap metal, complete with an outdoor bathroom that doesn't leave much to the imagination. A far cry from John's former mansion in New York state.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

An interesting hour interview that covers some new ground especially on John's New York life. John's interview starts at 18 minute.(The Link below is John's hour only as a 20 meg mp3)

John's hour

Allen Hare said...

They need to sensationalize your life to sell it.