Thursday, February 28, 2013




Rita B. said...

Been so busy at work all week, haven't had a chance to check on TFL. 6 eggs!!!! Good job Girls! and Hey Carl, I miss you! Ahhhhh, Beloved Benita, you live forever in our hearts. thank goodness i didn't have too much supper wine or i'd never have guessed the silly "non-robot" code below.

shawn said...

Let's talk about guns some more.

Dale said...

Benita had a unique set of horns, did any of her calves turn out with the same trait?

remmij said...

Mr. Wells - enjoyed the sumptuous eye-feast - the photos stand quite nicely on their own, but
they did conjure a few associations for me - thanks for kickstarting the synapses. The summer
green (and winter grey) of Hoosierland are immersive, but the sky of the southwest frees.
you give me much to look at & mull, a modest attempt to return the favor, albeit not as originally...
a truncated tour of what you prodded:

Motherwell Elegies
lemons & egg Sultan
D. Sultan

lovely ghost of Benita
Alfred Stieglitz/O'Keefe
Hawaiian O'Keefe Pineapple Bud HPC/Dole
Dragon/big sky, maybe over tfl?

Sol Lewitt color
Sol Lewitt b&w
Frank Stella
Rauschenberg Odalisk, 1955-58

... or maybe it is all more Koons-ian? an 8 story tall, gleaming white enamel TrueValue bucket with gilded trim and attendant anodized, multi-hued rattlesnake @ the tfl entry drive — that catches rainwater & promotes Morrison's - you would give Marfa a run for its $MONEY$ and maybe even land a Dolce & Gabbana storefront to counter the Prada
they have. The greenhouse is already Judd worthy.
ass-end of Prada
Donald Judd, Marfa
Jeff Koons
Koons NYC High Line
Koons L.A. ➔ High Line?
High Line
kindred spirits to tfl...
High Line image
High Line image

Allen Hare said...

Circle Of Life