Monday, November 4, 2013

comfort level

Decided the driver's side bucket seat in the go kart could use a boost...raised it up 2 inches.  Took it for a comfy spin and 2 miles from home I discovered the threaded nipple coming out of my gas tank has worked itself loose and was leaking fuel - dripped my way back to TFL without running out of gas or setting the engine on fire.  Epoxy, weld, or replace.  59,68,63, .06",C,0


Unknown said...

Remember when you were a child and you had something to do that you really didn't want to do, so you found anything to do, but what you should be doing......

John the container build is calling you. Its saying "Remember me, you promised to work on me but the summer got in the way. well summers over. Please?"

Steve said...

1. Replace
2. Weld
3. Epoxy. Many epoxies fail when exposed to ethanol in today's fuels. Vinylester resin epoxy is one of the few that holds up to the ethanol, though. The "one and done" approach would be to replace.

Good luck!