Thursday, November 7, 2013


Experimenting with some variable voltage boosters and regulators to find the magic mix to run all sorts of stuff directly off my battery bank instead of through the inverter.  Looking for the right smoothing capacitor to power the incubator (and the brooder if I get some hatchlings - due around Nov. 23rd).  Problem with the incubator is the voltage jumps up and down because the heating element clicks on and off about every 2 seconds once it is at temperature.  Hoping this will be as easy to figure out as the go kart was.  52,60,48,0,B,0


Unknown said...

You may be able to stabilize your voltage by simply doubling up the wire size from the relay to the heater element. Solder in additional wires to prevent the high amperage surge of the switch-on function overloading that circuit and the voltage will stay up.

rj said...

There are wide range Dc To Dc converter modules for low dollars on eBay from Chinese sellers