Friday, June 13, 2014

Bubulcus ibis



remmij said...

seems to be a bit of a rare bid in your area… especially with the lack of wetlands…
Cornell/Cattle Egret
range map
if you could get a snap with the bird on Ben, wearing his rhino prosthesis, it would be a rhino egret…
or a Triceratops egret… counting Ben's pair. Birds supposedly showed up in your region ~1960-3.
the Wiki rundown

Rev.jimmyleebob said...

Fancy name for the common cattle egret..have 3-4 varieties of little white herons in these parts.Since the cattle are far and few between now they've taken up hunting bugs on the median strip of highways. You might want to study these for in flight disaster mitigation.Never seen one hit by a vehicle yet and they make all kinds of crazy moves flying up, over and between
cars and trucks.There are a couple of them here that hang out at the exits of 2 of the top 3 burger joints on a 6 lane highway begging for fries.I'm kinda thinking fats & sodium will be their undoing, not the traffic.