Sunday, June 22, 2014

Polite Society

I grew up in a Christian family.  I started going to Sunday school when I was 5.  Continued on till about 8th grade when I started going to regular church with my parents and older brother.  Every Sunday morning we would all dress up and get our dose of religion (for a time, my dad and my brother and I all had matching London Fog raincoats we would all wear when the weather demanded it).  My grandparents went to church every Sunday.  My aunts and uncles and cousins all went to church every Sunday.  Most of my friends and their parents went to church every Sunday.  Funny thing all those churchgoing years, no one (in all my family and friends) ever spoke of God or religion outside of church - except perhaps a quick prayer before dinner.   One might think that it would have been worthwhile after all that effort for so many years to at least bring up the subject occasionally outside of the worship service.  I think it might of had something to do with how many believed (and still believe today) that it was not appropriate to discuss politics or religion.  That being said:  I think the governments of the world are leading us to destruction and the only hope for mankind is repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as savior.    


Unknown said...

I love you brother John!

Unknown said...

Hi John, I just found you on the iner-webs. I think you may enjoy a video about a christian dude that does this thing called "Back to Eden" about a farm/gardening method that uses wood chip mulch to build top soil and keep soil under layer moist. It's a 1:45 hour long but I'm guessing you can find the time... I want to do something self sustaining up here in Southern Oregon....

Dizzy-Dick said...

It is a shame, but what you just described fits the biggest percentage of church goers. How many of them have read the whole bible. I have read it through many times. I like to read the old testament one night and the new the next night. Surprising how well both fit together. Doing it that way, I read the new testament twice to every one time through the old. Works for me. Been doing this since I was a kid.

Joseph Quigley said...

My experience in life has been much the same John.I was raised catholic and went to church every Sunday until I was in 10 th grade, then gradually drifted away. I cannot remember any family or friends ever discussing spiritual matters.
In my thirties I had a life crisis of sorts and said an earnest prayer to God, and since that time he has been by my side.He has not given me health, wealth or popularity, what he has given me is an unquenchable desire to grow in grace and knowledge of my lord and savior Jesus Christ

Larry G said...

I assume if John posts on his blog his thought and allows comments then we can also respond to his posts.

I grew up the same way - first Catholic then Baptist and then Episcopal ... all my life as a kid and 1/2 of it as an adult.

but my take that has evolved is that man-created religion has harmed more people throughout civilization than any government ever has and that even when Govt does, religion is often behind it.

Just look around at the killings going on - over religion - worldwide.. go back to Ireland and tell me what govt was causing Christians and Catholics to kill each other.

Look at Bosnia and tell me religion was not behind the ethnic cleansing of Muslims.

Now look at Iraq and tell me that the Sunni's and Shiites religions are not at the center of that conflict.

You don't go to church to profess your faith in God and love and humanitarianism towards your "brothers" and "sisters" then turn around and form armies to go after them and kill them - do we?

we do. That's the horrible truth.

man-created religion is a scourge on mankind.

we sit in church on Sundays - professing love and then Monday we start the hatefest again blaming government for our own actions.

there ARE - SOME religions on earth that are truly religious - who truly do not want to kill others different from themselves, but they are far, far outnumbered by the "lovers" (sic).

sorry.. you have to have your head in the sand to not see how the world works with regard to most man-created religion.

Believe in God. Believe in what he stands for but be responsible to him - not others who profess to be his representative.

Todd said...

Your point about it not being polite to discuss politics or religion is a good one, and timely. Now that the information war is going hot and heavy every internet comment (hell every keystroke) goes into their analytics engines and they work to counter the view. The tyranny of technology is here and the surveillance state/corporate fascist entity is the new tyranny. The comments on many websites are not the same for everyone, they are based on what they have determined you currently think, in an attempt to sway your opinion by a group of "peers". Now that AI is getting so big, "bots" will continue to be refined, the corporate/state media will continue to overpower the weak minded with 24/7 propaganda. There will be one message and they intend to inflict consequences on those who would dare to voice their opinion. Really sucks what the world is facing right now. Love your blog John.

Unknown said...

Today's woes are not new. I grew up in a famly that was very religious...but in different ways. My mother was sincere and sought out a church that reflected her beliefs. My dad was sincere but stayed at home because of the jerks who condemned him for smoking. A sister went to church to socialize and to perform...(singing in the choir). People get different things from "religion". Who is right? Who has the right to condemn another?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Margery Billd said...

If a Christian is in a nursing home with dimentia and is catatonic and a group of Christians visit and sing church songs ---- voila. The senile person has a spark of life and responds. It is the only thing that will bring them round.

Jack Colby said...

I don't want to offend anyone but I think we should concentrate on helping each other on this tiny little planet and let God take care of himself.

Jack Colby said...

I don't want to offend anyone but I think we should concentrate on helping each other on this tiny little planet and let God take care of himself.

Jack Colby said...

I don't want to offend anyone but I think we should concentrate on helping each other on this tiny little planet and let God take care of himself.

Anonymous said...

Its the Grace of God that brings men to repentance.
Eph 2:8 For by Grace are you saved thru faith:not of yourselves,it is a gift of God.
Eph 1:13 Says that when you first trusted and believed in Jesus Christ (the Christ)you are sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise.
Repentance and change comes after first believing the Gospel.
1 Cor: 15:1-4 That Christ Died for your sins according to the scriptures, Was Buried and rose again the third day, according to the scriptures.
Why does God mention and repeat the phrase, according to the scriptures? so you will understand that salvation for all mankind has been the plan since the beginning of time.
Likewise Satan has been out there fighting against it just as long.
With so many churches and so many 'religions" it is just as important if not more so, to know what the scriptures say. How will you know a lie if you dont know the truth!!
Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life.
Thank you John for all your posts that shows that truth is more important than politeness.

2ligit said...

For where two or three are gathered together in my Name, there am I in the midst of them.

liteluvr said...

Well said, John. I wholeheartedly agree with you and pray often for our nation.

Unknown said...

Wow Great posts and John your right on target. We should all be able to discuss our faith and understandings objectively with out personal beliefs getting in the way. Jesus speaks to all of us and conveys his message in different ways. The bible is our guide in my readings I have received a different message than the one written. Be quiet and open your hart and mind, receive the his words. God bless everyone regardless of religion.