Tuesday, September 2, 2014

fast carb

Super fast turn around.  Ordered the new carburetor for the quad Friday afternoon...just got it in the mail today.  Extracted the AC unit off the Airstream to make room for the chain hoist to lift the body off the rotten trailer.  93,106,73,0,B


Dale said...

I see the Airstream was once part of the Wally Byam Caravan Club. It must have taken some decent road trips. Probably pretty hard to trace ownership and where it's been in fourty years.

WhyR said...

Wow, you have taken on a major project. One nice thing about taking it down to the aluminum shell, though, is you can fix every little dent or corroded rivet that you have the patience to tackle.
And then again, access to the inside would make it that much easier to wire flexible solar panels to the roof, as other airstream owners are doing. That could be a real plus for an owner because he wouldn't be stuck going from KOA to KOA. It would vastly increase the places one could live for awhile.
Aluminum never really goes away- there are some very old aluminum planes flying around, and as long as they're inspected regularly and cracks attended to, they're good to fly.