Friday, September 12, 2014


Got the Hankooks on today.  While doing the fronts I was shown that new brake pads are in order - some nonsense about metal on metal (close - but not quite).  Brake job next week.  Kudos to Mike Casper (Dr. Fun) for his attention to detail on my tire job.

More "better than good" chances of rain over the weekend so I shuttled water around to make room in the gutter tanks.  The discharge hose for my pump is just about shot so I ordered a replacement.  I think I lost about 200 gallons just from the leaks.  Checked all the tanks and I am happy to report that I have 16,450 gallons on tap.  Perhaps I will finally top off the catchment storage (21,000 gal) this year.  84,95,69,0,B


Rev.jimmyleebob said...

Should be tabs on those pads to let you know. It doesn't get any easier than a front brake job on those older tundras.
About 15 minutes a side and that's using the OE jack. Takes longer to put the jack handle together than change pads..

rj said...

My old Tundra usually needed rotors at the same time. Worth it if they are grooved or warped.

WhyR said...

If you're buying auto parts, the low budget way to go is They're the Harbor Freight of auto parts. Almost cheaper to buy new rotors than to get them turned (and way more convenient if your vehicle is up on jackstands at the time). Anything that affects steering, like tie rod ends, make sure it's a manufacturer supplied part or you'll have to get an alignment.