Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Meme



Margery Billd said...

Well, I like the last sentence. Very succinct. But right now I have just gotten my dogs in the house after a hungry Mountain Lion was in back screaming for food.

Unknown said...

Hmmmmmmmm many have been killed because of people moved into there areas or they had to move because of no food left. Range 30 mile radius.
I have rescued many different wild animals from "cities" before they got shot. Even birds being hit by cars and other wild life.

Why this hit me hard at that time mom had a puppy that was just great for her and one day we looked every were! Well on another mans land I found part of a chewed strap that I know went to a foot trap near the water.
But you could tell where she had been trying to get free, trapper came back and we never saw her again. I still have the web, just waiting for some one around here to screw up and let me see there stuff.
My mom cried and cried for that dog and now I am not a hunter or trapper anymore.

Herb said...

Not to mention it is prohibitively expensive to adopt. If you don't have a LOT of $$ it is almost impossible. There are a lot of families that would love to adopt and have enough to care for a child but cant front the money for the adoption fees.

pamit said...

John, I might agree with you on this subject. This typical facebook-fodder is a poor example of anti-abortion hypocrisy. One that hits closer to home is the number of pro-life folks that are A-OK with cutting public assistance to poor families with children that suffer from hunger, lack of adequate housing, and other results of poverty. Aren't "born" children as deserving as those in the womb? Or maybe that's another case of ya'll not being obligated to take care of those who suffer from immoral acts? Isn't the suffering of hungry or cold "born" children immoral? You see how it gets to be quite a tangled web.

Or an even simpler example: how about the fact that warfare, even and maybe especially drone attacks, surely kills children, even some in utero children? Isn't that just as immoral as an abortion? Wouldn't Jesus deplore both? As a Christian, you should be protesting warfare as strongly as you protest abortion.

Will Pugh, I love your story. Thanks for telling.

Mike Daroche said...

One's opposition to the deliberate killing of unborn children in no way translates to the desire to adopt or start a family of their own, nor does it mean that they wish to see poor families struggle or children go hungry.

pamit said...

Oh I see. If it's not "deliberate", as in a drone striking a pregnant woman, or a child dying of malnutrition, then one can feel morally OK not to oppose the actions that lead to those deaths. But if it's deliberate, as in a woman getting an abortion, morally one MUST oppose it. Got it. But would Jesus understand your dancing on the head of this particular pin?

No. He'd be disgusted. C'mon, you Christians! Live your creed!

Mike Daroche said...

I don't know anybody that would be ok with the killing of a pregnant woman or children starving. I do however know some people that are ok with taking the life of an unborn baby in its' mothers womb. Christianity has nothing to do with this. Don't know why you keep trying to go there unless you just have a bug up your butt about religion.