Tuesday, December 22, 2015

survival diet

Got my two week supply of emergency food.  Added up the numbers and found two things:  1. Somewhat lacking in overall nutrition.  2.  You will still eventually starve to death unless you at least double the portions.
Based on government standards of nutritional requirements for an average adult male, over a two week period the food will yeild totals of 82% sodium, 42% protein, 74% vitimin A, 15% vitimin C, 39% iron, 28% calcium, 37% fiber, 28% vitimin D, 4% riboflavin...and only 1,064 calaries per day.
Bottom line - over the long term, you cannot rely on their serving sizes for an extended period but they are good for a short term crash diet.  In the event of a major food shortage you will only prolong the inevitable unless you double down and suppliment the choices with additional forms of nutrition.  The catch22 here (and the beauty of emergency preparedness business models) is if the economy collapses and the world falls into chaos, there will be no one left to sue and you will probably die anyway.  68,76,50,0,B


Janet said...

Looks like one would have to supplement this with chia seeds (which can go rancid), spirulina, chlorella, vinegar and honey water and maybe sprouts (all of which would eventually run out). It is so hard to turn back the clock and live like people did a hundred years ago.

How in the world do people survive out on the tundra somewhere with just fermented mare's milk and a yurt?

Margery Billd said...

Food sounds good for a change.

Janet said...

I checked back to the beginning of your blog and it looks like you arrived in December '07 if I read it right.

Happy 8 year anniversary!

rpm said...

90% of American citizens were self-sufficient
10% relied on others

10% of American citizens are self-sufficient
90% believe Cheetos are a vegetable and grown at Walmart.

Mike D said...

These come in a nice container though!

Steve said...

What, Cheetos aren't a vegetable? Who knew!

Bob from Athens said...

I do not believe that I have read anywhere that this is supposed to be used for a long term food supply. They say very plainly that it is a TWO WEEKS supply If you want a long term food supply you will have to look somewhere else.

Dani said...

Ouch!! With that much sodium why would you want to live beyond 2 weeks?

rondeb said...

I have lots of these stored which would be good to supplement the calories. A woman might survive on the daily calories of those rations, but a man would soon starve. These are actually rather tasty and will store for 5 years minimum.

Here is a recipe of how to make your own emergency rations for your car, home, bug-out bag or any other place where you might need emergency food rations. Using all shelf stable ingredients, this recipe makes light-weight, high-calorie rations that last 5 years without refrigeration. Here are the basic ingredients:

1. All-purpose Flour – 4 cups (1600 cal)
2. Vegetable Shortening – 2 cups (3776 cal)
3. Sugar – 2 cups (1548 cal)
4. Cornstarch – 1 cup (488 cal)
5. Honey – 1 cup (1031 cal)
6. Vanilla Extract – 4 tbsp (208 cal)

This recipe makes 3 lbs and 12 ozs of uncook dough with 8,651 total calories. That makes about 20 – 3 ozs bars of rations with over 430 calories each. You can play with this recipe by adding other ingredients like nuts, dried fruit or peanut butter but make sure you do not use anything that can become rancid.

People need to bring back and learn the art of canning. Grow your own and can it. Buy on sale and can it. I can everything from all kinds of meats, veggies and fruits. Even butter and onions. Would be a perfect storage solution for those off the grid.

rondeb said...

You do have to cook the above for 25 min at 350 Here is a video http://www.101waystosurvive.com/survail_tips/recipe-for-making-your-own-emergency-rations/

Unknown said...

when in the forces and chow was mre s that every meal was 2,000 + .
something wrong!
some where in rosharon swamp land

Ronald Mahan said...

I think a rifle, or a shotgun, or best of all - a combination gun - and a case of ammunition for the weapon - should be a major part of any long term survival kit. Very useful to protect you and your food - and obtain more food in the future. Even rabbits and birds (very plentiful on the Terlingua Ranch) would be great survival food! A mule deer or javelina would feed a hunter for a very long time - if most of the meat was smoked into jerky.

Margery Billd said...


Margery Billd said...

Well, I saw the not guilty verdict on Badlands, Texas, and about the drugs and the car tread on the person. Flashbacks on drug deals where people did not pay and the end came at the hands of a few collectors across the U.S. Glad I never dealt in drugs. But it was around me so I suffered the fallout. Just have to prioritize and remember the gratitude part.

Margery Billd said...

I've heard people who were around a bad scene say they never saw or heard anything and left. Imagine that.

Margery Billd said...

I remember when I was 12 or 14 in religious membership class if I would be willing to die for my faith. And I said yes. That is not such an idle thought today. Things I thought would not happening in my lifetime are already developing.

Margery Billd said...

Yes, I think Justin Low is a good attorney. :-)

Ron Kincaid said...

Raise chickens that are VERY broody and decent egg layers. Also, raise meat sheep. Plant a garden. Plant fruit trees. Do whatever you can to help yourself.