Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Meme

Before we get into all that "free" stuff that Israelis get that we should be giving our own, let's go over some basics.
1.  Does the US give a lot of money to other countries - driving us even deeper in debt?  Yes. (but that alone is not a catchy meme)
2.  Isn't the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) supposed to provide affordable healthcare?  Yes...but it doesn't.
3.  Is there college tuition relief in the US?'s called a scholarship.
4.  Should you get a break on college loans? No. You were fully aware of the terms when you signed the legal contract.
5.  Does the money the we give to Israel fund their healthcare and education systems for all their citizens? No.
One final note:  the price of gas in Israel is over $8 per gallon.


K1MGY said...

The cash and armaments and political and diplomatic enabling that the US government provides Israel helps fund their continued encroachment upon Palestinian land in repeated violation of UN sanctions and agreements. Topping the list of horrors: possession and control of nuclear weapons and failure to submit these to the control of international arms treaties and agreements, the same that were just applied to Iran.

The US sends cash, and in return Israel contracts for more helicopter gunships, rifles, bombs, grenades, and ammo.

In a word: insane.

Steve said...

So, you're saying you believe students carrying student debt shouldn't be allowed to refinance that debt?

Moe said...

"4. Should you get a break on college loans? No. You were fully aware of the terms when you signed the legal contract."

Ok, right enough. However, you should have the right to bankrupt student loans like any other debt.


Unknown said...

you can't discharge student loans in bankruptcy for the same reason that the interest rates are usually higher than they are for other loans: there's no collateral. what can they really do to you if you fail to pay? not much. they might be able to run your credit score down, but you can still rent an apartment and buy a new car even with bad credit. they'll threaten to garnish your wages, but there's limits to how much they can take from you, and it takes them forever to do it because it's the government. you can be evicted from a house for non-payment of a loan, or have a car repo'd.

but as far as agreeing to the terms of the legal contract, i highly doubt many of them know what they're agreeing to. 17 and 18 are not the brightest years. and college entrance standards are too low. it makes sense that if you're just barely able to get in, even with the artificially low standards, that maybe you don't know what you just signed on for.

and if someone cares about israel, you'd need to cut them loose. as long as they're tethered to the tit in washington, they'll do what washington wants, and not what israel feels is best for itself. there's a 100 conspiracy theories about how it's the other way around, but it isn't.

coffeeinjection said...

I worked two jobs seven days a week, with one Sunday off every two weeks to pay off student loans.
I have no symphony for those who are in debt from school with worthless degree's and careers at Starbuck's.

Ronald Mahan said...

With college tuition increasing in sync with the salary of the college football coach's salary - college education has been priced out of line with the education benefits. For example, Alabama now has another National Champion College Football Team (fourth time in seven years)- but far fewer Alabamians can afford to be educated there now! Maybe, in the future - most college students will seek their education in smaller colleges - WITHOUT FOOTALL TEAMS?

Stuart said...

Thankfully, when I was in college; tuition including room, board and laundry; was less than $500 per semester. Federally underwritten loans were just beginning. Before that, no one would make signature loans for education. The explosion of cost of education followed. Wages have not increased in proportion to the explosion of education costs. One more thing that the Federal Government has screwed up. Listening to Dave Ramsey's show, I am amazed by the debt people have for worthless degrees. Even the debt for marketable degrees is absurd.

WhyR said...

Mr Mahan, you make a good point- college football coaches are paid big money. At Michigan, new hire Jim Harbaugh will earn $5 million per year, but the money to fund the entire football program comes from revenue generated by the program- television fees, bowl fees and tickets sold to fill the 110,000+ seat stadium. This wouldn't work at schools with a less fanatical or smaller following, or with a smaller stadium.
The real injustice, in my opinion, is that the athletes who actually do the work on the field are paid nothing but a scholarship for their effort and risk in what is essentially an NFL farm team.
Students whose goals are clear and who are willing to work hard at it can still get an excellent education at a less well known and less expensive school.