Tuesday, January 12, 2016

State of the Union

"Our government shouldn't make promises we can't keep but we must keep the promises we already made."  Barry Soetoro.  48,63,30,0,B


Rita B. said...

11 more months. I don't even want to imagine who our next president will be. For some reason I keep thinking that Trump is doing nothing more than running interference for Hillary over on the Republican side. But if that's his plan, how large could the favors be that he would call in to the White House later?

Randall said...

My belief system sez we're in for a rough ride in these next twelve months while Barry follows the dictum of the Alinsky/Ayes/Dorne/Killary/Whomever the other Shadow Gov't parties are. As for Donald, the country may be a better place - to a degree, but Presidential material, Statesman, middle-of-the-road Politician? I don't think so. Ted, on the other hand, good guy, has our best interests at heart, but his problem is going to be that he has already "borrowed" too much money from Special Interests. Paybacks will cost of plenty. How do We, the People, win?!