Friday, June 10, 2016

Airbus A380

Been tracking my tracker from Flightradar24.  Due to arrive via TNT on or about the 16th.
Interesting to see how much traffic happens over the US in a 24 hour period.  In the video at 0:37 there is a big plane heading NE right by El Paso.  That is Qantas Flight 7 from Sydney to Dallas.  It passes there every day at about noon.
I followed it into Dallas when it landed using the 3D view in the software.  78,100,72,T,0



There's some very realistic flight simulation video games you would probably be interested in.

Margery Billd said...

Omg and to think any enemy could have this information too. When I think there isn't much traffic over an area, that changes.

John Wells said... know me - I would rather be in the air for real. I began playing flight simulator on the first generation of the game from Microsoft over 30 years ago.

Randall said...


You are too enamored, well, maybe not the correct word, but you like aviation and flying well enough that in my opinion, could go the extra effort and gain a Sport Pilot Certicate. Not demanding, and a good deal. The advantges are great. Quick trips to town, etc., not withstanding the pleasure of simply buzzing around stress free wherever you like.

Shuffle on over to eaa dot org and get the good news.

Cheers, Randall

John Wells said...

Going the extra mile and expense of getting a sport pilot license is not in the budget nor of enough interest to me to make it worthwhile. As for quick trips to town - it is cheaper and easier to for simply buzzing around stress free wherever you like - it is that much easier with a paramotor. I have looked into flying fixed wing aircraft and it does not appeal to me...I just don't care for things that have LOTS of rules. There is enough regulation in my life - and I refuse to accept any more. Even driving a car is more restrictive what with licensing, insurance, registration, and inspections. I already have 9 grand invested in PPG, so it makes sense that I continue to pursue it rather than shifting gears at this point.