Saturday, July 8, 2017

another tail light

Just over a year ago I replaced this tail light.  2 months ago the new one jiggled loose and lost a vital part and I have been nursing it along by applying a little duct tape to hold it in place.  Last week I forgot to check the tape and took a trip south for some errands.  That evening I noticed the tail light was gone.  Found it the next day along the highway about half way to Study Butte.  Just installed a new replacement today (and put some thread lock on the 2 screws that hold it in place).  90,95,75,0,B


Margery Billd said...

The new one looks good. So sad for the old one. Now this new one should last longer.

Dale said...

Duct tape, lol cheap can only take you so far. You did say you didn't mind fixing the same thing over and over.

96Trees said...

I had this problem with my Silverado. The screw comes loose so I checked it about once a month.