Wednesday, July 19, 2017

solar project...

Looks like I have something to keep me busy through the weekend.  I have committed to cooking a pizza when the film crew is here next Tuesday.  My big solar oven has been laying in the same spot since the stand broke last year.  A little welding and a lot of cleaning and it should be good to go.  Let's just hope we have a sunny day.  77,88,74,0,B


Margery Billd said...

A lot of work there. I like your videos and music.

JohnnyM said...

Ok, Colorado rules, stove top oven
Vertices (steals gage ) aluminum cage,
heavy duty aluminum foil, don't mess around with cheap standard foil
Cardboard box wrapped with aluminum
Low heat,
Mezzanine petes

Patricia said...

Don't forget to sprinkle some anchovies on it and root-beer for a drink is wonderful!
Oh Keystone will work in a pinch..