Wednesday, August 19, 2020

selling the airstream...

So I found a buyer for the Airstream 2 months ago.  Problem is I don't have a title and the buyer kinda wants one.  When I bought it 9 years ago, it came with a title but I lost it before I did a title transfer.  Getting a replacement title under these circumstances is a bit tricky but I finally figured it out.  Finalizing the last bit of paperwork in Alpine on Friday.  It will be going to a couple that lives in Las Vegas.  They plan on completely restoring it.  90,98,77,0,B   


MsBelinda said...

Congratulations on the sale of your airstream.

I do not know if you have cable at TFL but on a recent episode of Home Town on the HGTV channel they had an episode of a complete refurbishment of an airstream and I could not help but think of yours.

Michael D. Berry said...

good for you.
if you know of anyone else looking for one we have a 76? Excella in "about the same shape" we'd part with. Just east of San Antonio.

John Wells said... some photos to me and I will pass them on.

Michael D. Berry said...

Thanks. I will have to go take some fresh ones. It is on property I cannot get to for a couple of weeks.