Saturday, December 19, 2020

Pandemic Saturday


Here a few reasons why the Covid-19 vaccine is NOT a magic bullet to end the pandemic.
1.  While it has been shown through clinical studies that after 2 doses the Pfizer vaccine is over 90% effective in preventing serious complications for those who contract the disease, there is little evidence that it prevents the spread of the disease.  A vaccinated person may very well still be able to catch, carry, and transmit the virus to others.  Hundreds of millions throughout the world will need to get vaccinated before its' effectiveness at ending the pandemic will become apparent.  This is why sheltering in place, social distancing, and mask wearing are still a vital part of the plan.

2.  There are those who still believe (thanks to trump) that Covid-19 is not serious or perhaps just a political hoax to get Biden elected or an effort to take control of the population by getting people to start regularly accepting things like lockdowns or mask mandates.  These idiots will refuse the vaccine just as they have refused taking any of the suggested precautions.  

3.  Then there is the anti-vaxxer crowd who still think (despite all clinical evidence to the contrary) that vaccines are dangerous and cause other diseases such as autism - although their efficacy in eradicating diseases such as polio and measles is historically obvious.

4.  And unfortunately, there are still far too many complete whack jobs out there that are thoroughly convinced that vaccines are part of some vast conspiracy by the nefarious "new world order" to become masters of the population by causing things like sterilization or enabling mind control via a microchip in the vaccine that will be activated by the 5G network.

The question is...will enough people come to their senses and heed the advice of world health officials before the only option that remains is strict enforcement of deep reaching government mandates?   


David Hooper said...

I share your concerns, John. That is why I will jump on the first opportunity to take the vaccine and then continue to shelter and wear a mask to protect those who have not had the chance. With 314,572 deaths, our U.S. death rate and infection rates, compared to other nations, is appalling.

JudithK said...

No, they won't.

Whirl Tech said...

I hate to say it, but there's little hope for many coming to reason. As the saying goes, half the population is below average intelligence - and in the US that's saying something. Perhaps a dreadful thing to say, but I only hope that the virus takes more of the whack-jobs than the sensible ones.
I'm just grateful my sister - an acute-care physical therapist in a large hospital - got her first dose last week. Hopefully my parents can start the process in the next month or two.

Longtime follower, first-time poster. -JK

Whirl Tech said...

I hate to sound like a shill, but the folks below are a reasonably-priced source of quality KN95 face masks (no relation to me, just a satisfied customer):
Presently $9.50 / 10-pack, shipping included. (ignore their "original" price of $40 on the website, they've been <$15 for months now, and have only gotten cheaper).

CDC respirator assessments: (click the "+" sign at the bottom to expand the result table) Most recent assessment of their product was Dec. 2.

I work in manufacturing for a defense contractor, so we're "essential". We're required to wear a mask (of any kind). No idea if these truly made a difference or not, but they got me through at least 2 fairly close encounters with known Covid-positive folks. (i.e. they went out sick the next day. - All have recovered OK.)

Stay safe out there. -JK

Steve said...

Over time, the virus will take those that refuse the vaccinations. It'll probably be years before the virus eradicates the low hanging fruit.

John Wells said...

It is going to kill a lot more than just "the low hanging fruit".