Saturday, May 22, 2021

Pandemic Saturday




Brian said...

Nice to see the numbers getting better. Also nice to see fauci finally kinda telling the truth about the origins of this awful virus.

Steve said...

"Kinda telling the truth."

So, apparently you are privy to "the truth?"

Do tell.

Brian said...

Well Steve, for more than a year prominent scientists and doctors have said China lied and this terrible virus was a result of gain of function research partially funded by the NIH. Now most of those people were called crackpot, conspiracy theoriest whack jobs but now information is slowly dribbling out showing that the lab leak is the most probable explanation for all of this. Fauci was one of the people who said that was crazy but suddenly has changed his tune. Fauci and the WHO knew exactly what happened when it happened and they also knew china lied about all of this.