Saturday, June 5, 2021

Pandemic Saturday


(except for those who are still dying)


Unknown said...

The nonphysical afterlife(not religious but scientific) can be much less chaotic.

Brian said...

Everything seems to be trending towards a much better place. I'm sure a new variant will pop up shortly.

Hachita said...

A new variant will emerge. All living things mutate (skipping the discussion whether viruses are “alive” or not). RNA viruses like influenza and coronavirus mutate faster than DNA life forms.

To suppress the emergence of a more virulent coronavirus mutant, the best thing that anyone with accessibility to a safe and efficacious vaccine (including all those emergency authorized by USFDA) can do is get one.

Stop being an unvaccinated host and impede the viral replication/mutation process.

I hope the US force doesn’t the obscenely rapacious pharmas to give up their vaccine patent rights. That’s not the solution to the horrible high US drug cost problem. We may really need those profit-based companies next time for a really really big one. This time, they delivered a tech miracle in less than a year.

I hope the US does facilitate global vaccination like we did for smallpox and polio.

Deep thanks to John Wells for his consistent rational, scientific, and progressive public health promotion surrounding COVID issues and in general for his insight regarding evidence-based, versus alternative-facts, reality.

Brian said...

My point was as soon as any good news about covid pops up inevitably a new more deadly variant comes out of the woodwork to maintain the fear.