Thursday, December 30, 2021

greenhouse in a greenhouse



JudithK said...

Greenest thumb I ever saw. How you gonna move em in there? Never mind. I can't even imagine lowering them from their present perch.

Jeff said...

My Buddy Heater on low to keep away freezing temperatures and the plants will like the fertilizing effect from CO2. We are growing romaine, buttercrunch, and cilantro in a 4'x 4' hydroponic area of our 12' x 16' greenhouse. In the next week or two we are going to trim tomato plants to start this years outside plants. We added Big Zac to our varieties last year, for a who can grow the largest (weight) tomato competition with brother-in-law. Photo of tomato on scales required. Happy New Year.

John Wells said...

JudithK...I won't be able to move the big plants until I give them a severe pruning.