Saturday, December 11, 2021

Pandemic Saturday

Has nothing to do with infringing upon your personal liberties.  Mandates because there are too many stupid people out there.


Russ Smith said...

Selfishness. They are much more concerned about how it affects themselves than about how they can help others. Lovers of their own selves. (2Tim 3)

Billy Danner said...

I guess I have a little different take on it...I was in the military for most of my adult life. The military is big on telling its members what to do. I was told what vaccines to get and I got them. Vaccines most Americans will never see: typhoid fever, yellow fever, anthrax. Get in life, roll up your sleeve. Not a big deal.

I'm a little puzzled by America's newly born vaccine hesitancy. Your kids have been getting mandatory vaccines for decades. Get the vaccines or they don't go to public school. But now we're talking about COVID vaccine mandates and people are suddenly worried about personal liberties. There's a fundamental disconnect here.

Billy Danner said...

Brian, honestly, no. That's politics. Politicians generally do what's best for themselves. Democrats or Republicans. And honestly, I think the law is unsettled here. Can the Federal government mandate a vaccine? That will have to be worked out in the courts. I know the SCOTUS has ruled that enforced quarantines have been "legal" during some pandemics.

And I have no problem with mask mandates. I think they save lives. If there's a chance I'm sick with covid (and don't know it) and wearing a mask might help prevent me from giving it somebody else, I'm happy to do it. Masks save lives. So mask mandates make sense to me.

Are mask mandates an affront to our personal liberties? Maybe. But so is being told I can't drive faster than 25 in a school zone. But that's for the public good.

just.Bob said...

Has nothing to do with infringing upon your personal liberties. Mandates because there are too many stupid politicians out there.