Saturday, April 1, 2023

Big News!

Been thinking a lot over the past year how I need a change.  
Just closed on the sale of The Field Lab 
and I am moving to Vancouver Island, BC in June.


John Blackmon said...

Very disappointing. I grew up in Odessa, made it to Balmorhea many times, car races in Alpine. Have followed you for the last 12 years or so with great interest. What will you do with Ben? Vancouver Island is really beautiful and a great place. Go see the the Buchhart Gardens, they are excellent.

remmij said...

know you are a shrewd shopper - still a little surprised you are leaving the country - premonition? will a new blog bloom, eh?
you will have some good Chinese food.
is the new tfl owner taking Ben on as a boarder?
June will be here in a flash.
The doves, bunnies, ravens and tomatoes are in mourning.
Hopefully the newbies understand the water system.
Many thanks for letting me/us tag along as the field lab evolved -
it's been a vicarious adventure that you skillfully documented.

if the picture is a clue

… wait, this is April 1st???

pamit said...

April Fool's!

just.Bob said...

Certainly a April Fool’s message to all your followers. But if not, you’ll enjoy spending a couple mil for a tiny bungalow with a flushing toilet and indoor plumbing. Also enjoy the Canadian healthcare system, one of the finest in the world. Also Trudeau is a world class leader (blackface was outstanding). However, the scenery does beat Big Bend by a bit. Good luck in your bull shittin or you move to Canada.

remmij said...

New York to west Tejas was a huge move too - lends credibility to the possibility,
juice to the ruse?

just.Bob said...

Sorry, once was enough.

Zole said...

April fools, John isn’t going back to the city.

MsBelinda said...

Don't scare Ben or me like that John...:-(

John Blackmon said...

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you, at least hope it was an April Fool.