Friday, June 23, 2023

Almost there...

Two more leg sections to print out tomorrow to finish this.  Divided up the design into 22 separate sections in order to print them out efficiently.  I tend to shy away from printing single large pieces in order to avoid wasting time because of a failure after hours of printing.  94,112,83,0,B


remmij said...

do you name Maschinenmensch… Futura, Tinatimely, Riki-never-more?
nice job on the printing - inter-changeable heads?
whose voice/audio-file? what would Fritz make of all this?
gynoid: (from wiki)
"The opening credits refer to her as "the Robot". She has been given several names through the decades: Parody (the name Rotwang calls her in the novel), Ultima, Machina, Robotrix, False Maria, Robot Maria, Roboria and Hel. The intertitles of the 2010 restoration of Metropolis quote Rotwang, the robot's creator, referring to his gynoid Maschinenmensch, literally translated as "Machine human"."
see Clayton Bailey's Sweetheart - she made coffee - 1983
wonder if expresso was available? can't tell if "she" had a clock…
became an ordained minister -

remmij said...

Sweetheart & friends -

stay cool!

John Wells said...

Thanks for all that info and insight, remmij...
Not exactly sure yet what voice I will use for my "gynoid". Rather than just a talking clock, I might connect it to be the voice of one of my Alexa devices.
Trying to stay cool - just ordered this to move the air around inside a bit.
Looks like we will finally get a break from this stretch of heat by next weekend.