Friday, March 19, 2010

nature tour...

Today was all about a Field Lab tour for my new friends Carl and Sheila and then just a day of observing nature. My buddy Thrasher was a bit vocal this morning. 68,91,38,0


gumo said...

I sure enjoy the way you observe nature. Beautiful floral pictures today and of recent. Thank you.

jandean said...

That is one fabulous back yard.

Admin. said...

The bottom right photo, nice photo by the way, is of Algerita, it produces a nice berry that used to make a jam of sorts, as I have been told. It is also sort of rare.

A good source for looking up Big Bend stuff is over at the Univ. of El Paso Desert Museum, their Desert Garden site:

Picture and explaination of you pic at:
* Common English Names: Algerita, Red Barberry, Red Oregon-grape, Red Holly-grape, Red Mahonia, Mexican Barberry
* Common Spanish Names: Algerita
* Scientific Name: Berberis haematocarpa (BER-ber-iss hee-mat-toe-CAR-pus) (also known as Mahonia haematocarpa)
* Family: Berberidaceae (Barberry Family)
* Geographic Range: Arizona, New Mexico, Trans-Pecos Texas, south into Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico.
* Plant Form: Evergreen shrub to 6' H X 6' W.
* Remarks: Stiff, erect branches carry leathery, gray-green to bluish-green, holly-like foliage consisting of five leaflets with stiff marginal spines. Small clusters of fragrant yellow flowers appear in spring followed by juicy, tart, edible blood-red berries in mid-summer. Good wildlife plant. Low to moderate water, full sun to light partial shade, any well draining soil, very cold hardy.

gumo said...

Thanks for the links and other helpful information. I guess one of my favorites you posted lately is the Cryptantha Crassipes blooming. That is a new one for me and I shared it with everyone. Thank you.

mike said...

More people

Unknown said...

First Comment, longtime observer, love the photos John. Crazy how we all secretly hope ther will be a picture of Benita each day, but if its a pic of other range cows were still pretty happy.

ladybug said...

Saw you tonight featured on Texas County Reporter, RFD/TV. Anxious to follow your blog site.