Thursday, March 25, 2010

TFL loves TFT

Since I didn't get much done here other than spending way too much time at the GrubShack and cutting a couple of pieces of trim for the shower upgrade (as well as a very nice breeze free shower at the end of the day) - thought I'd take this rare occasion to respond to all of yesterdays comments.

1. Thanks, Mike
2. need to worry about the shower being see-through.....I have an awesome body.
3. too!
4. frann,..full sun in the winter and shade in the summer to moderate the hot water temps.
5. zwango...will treat the wood somehow...someday.
6. Caboose...soon I will have enough water for scrubbing baths and a recreational hot tub.
7. Trevor...rock stars get a free shower as long as I can video tape it.
8. bill.patin...the longhorns smell the running water and come up for a drink sometimes.
9. & 10. are my "on the road/off the grid" hero! If the Field Lab ever goes on the road - you are the model! you gotta check out more of the photos... 63,84,36,0


delgrego said...

Wow, yet another incredible blog I must now follow. Rock on, you magnificent bastards!

PS I tuned in to the cam thiis evening just in time to see you waving some fine scotch in front of it. Hope you were actually imbibing some of that.

Anonymous said...

Good answer! lol

Anonymous said...
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Allen Hare said...

Great new post and photos from the Tortise. I clicked on them from your blog some time in the past. What an amazingly cool and beautiful motor home! We want to do something similar with an old school bus.
As I've stated before, this blog is a great clearinghouse of useful links and information. Thanks again, John, for all you do and inspire.

frann said...

I have been watching Benita on the web cam...looking at blue barrel and sniffing around on the ground...I don't think she is finding her treats or hay!

The Flying Tortoise said...

Hey John. How wonderful to tune into your blog and see TFT sitting there. And a number of your friends have joined the TFT blog too. I'm delighted and thankyou all for your gracious comments... Good to be speaking with like minded souls.
I'm really interested in your Solar Cooker John, can't wait to see it working.
Till next time.