Tuesday, September 24, 2013

only at the last resort

Ventured far down the Ranch Rd.- past the pavement this morning.  Paid a visit to Casey and Sara Colando (and their illegitimate man-child, Dr. Gig).  Placed my solar order for the Field Lab system upgrade...details to come when my order arrives.
http://allenergies.net/ are the go-to folks for solar out here.  I got a great deal on stuff and even got 2 jars of Sara's prickly pear jelly and a pumpkin from her garden because of my order (she is obviously the brains behind the operation).

Update on the new mattress test:  I didn't sleep very well last night.  The mattress is great but my body will take awhile to accept the change.  I've always had trouble sleeping in a strange bed.  78,92,56,0,B,0


Chris Miller said...

We tried to order from them on our first order and on our big upgrade. They didn't get back to us either time. Maybe the trick is to show up at their house? Or they might just not like us. ;)

Solar these days is almost a commodity it seems. At $.88 / watt I feel like we did pretty good buying online.

Keep us posted on how it goes and what you end up installing. Will you do the install yourself?

Chris Miller
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Rita B. said...

A pumpkin from their garden??? hmmmmm. dried salted pumpkin seeds are delicious....pumpkin soup. What will you use the pumpkin for? maybe Carl and the chicks would like some pumpkin too.

Gene Adcock said...

John, Really like the picture of landscape behind "the last resort" gate. Contrast to my Ozark Hills in MO. Keep using pictures to tell your story.

Why is it? said...

Hi John, found your blog due to searching online for any information on Casey and Sara. Are they OK? They have not posted anything in a few months? I was following their blog. and see that you are friends. Thank you for any response you can post. Joe Sousa