Thursday, October 17, 2013


Figured out that the only way to get all the unnamed ranch roads on my new GPS was to download the topo map for Texas from Garmin  (I bought the Garmin GPSmap 62s because it includes an altimeter function just in case I decide to take up powered paragliding).  Took 2 hours for the download to complete even though the progress bar kept suggesting that it would take anywhere from 6 minutes to 58 minutes.  While that was working, I trimmed about a half inch off the pot studs on the rocket stove and cut a steel "skirt" from another little junk tank I found.  Just after the download completed, I went outside and checked to make sure it all worked and I heard some cranes way up high flying their migration route south...without a GPS.  65,88,57,0,B,.26  

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K1MGY said...

Open Street Maps provides the means to edit/add to the map. Roads, trails, boundaries and features at The Field Lab would then be available for study and use.