Wednesday, October 23, 2013

last 5 acres

Trekked back out to the Solitario to track down another tract...the last bit of property I own that I have yet to see.  This one is 8 miles southwest of TFL.  Went out with a buddy from the ranch that owns property that meets mine at a corner.  Had to take the long way (South County Rd.) because the creek crossing on the shorter route was too swampy.  As long as I was in the neighborhood, I swung by the 20 acre tract again and found the section marker that is my NE corner (thanks to my friend Julianne and her wizardry with transposing map numbers into GPS coordinates).  Rather disappointed that the marker was only a short piece of rebar, a stick, and some rocks.  67,78,39,0,B,0  .


Under The SC Sun said...

Well, here in SC 20 years or so back, my neighbor hired a logging company to cut his timber. The property border at the time was heavily treed. The loggers set up their landing close to our common border. They managed to roll their skidders over two of our boundary markers (Concrete monument markers) and shoved them down into the dirt. When they cleaned up and left I thought nothing of it, until I went to clear and recut my fire break lines. I found then that I was "missing" the two markers. A little measuring and shovel work later, both were found several inches lower than they were. I had trees and landmarks to help locate mine. I can imagine how tough it'd be in the desert without a GPS to guide you.

Bob from Athens said...

Hey in the desert like that you are lucky to get the rebar, most are just a big rock with an "X" on it