Saturday, October 12, 2013


Put the final touches on the rocket stove today.  Wrapped the vent pipe with 1" thick kaowool (I had 2 sq ft that I ordered back when I was planning on building a furnace to melt my silver).  Filled up the rest of the space with some vermiculite that Julianne gave me a couple of years ago.  Super insulation is the magic behind a rocket stove.  First cooking test coming next week.  79,91,57,0,B,0


rondeb said...

I bet you could sell these. Something to think about to feed the beasts.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but look at this stove as functional sculpture- something that performs as art. You've surrounded yourself with functional sculpture; everything is built with an eye to its beauty as well as its performance. If you ever decided to sell out, industrial design might be just the ticket.

Or, what the hell, become a highly paid artist. How close are you to Marfa? That's a heckuva art scene that's attracting a lot of attention. Selling the odd sculpture might just buy a lot of feed.

remmij said...

mr. W. - ran across this image and thought you might be interested since it is kinda in your neck of the woods - I mean brush… plus it might be a hat style to consider next time you replace…
the caption read:
"An itinerant cowpuncher travels with his wife and dog in Alpine, Texas."