Saturday, February 1, 2014


Ben's February tip to tip... 45 7/8" He is on track to hit the four foot mark by next month when he will be 1 year 8 months old. His mamma was 47 1/2" at 4 years old when she drowned.

On This Day in Field Lab History:  On this day we entered the great deep freeze of 2011.  68 consecutive hours of below freezing temperatures.  The high during that period was 27° and the low was 2°.  It took its' toll on the plants, wildlife, and plumbing of Brewster County.  There was also a drought with only 3.82" of rain for the entire year.  63,82,38,0,B

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Rita B. said...

Looks like Bud might be ready to get measured also! That would be nice to see. Boy, I remember that horrible 2011 drought. I don't think we've totally recovered from it.