Tuesday, February 11, 2014

unlucky rabbit

Ordered 6 fertile eggs to hatch...hope to get at least one new Carl out of them.
Anemometer and windsock up at The Flight Lab.
Found a prize in a bale of alfalfa...an unlucky rabbit's foot.


kimalso said...

Yikes! Poor rabbit.

Sue Mackey said...

Great idea with the pink flamingo.

Sue Mackey said...
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Blogger Profile said...

Several times of picking up bales of coastal bermuda I've found 1/2 of a snake.

JohnnyM said...

I too love the Flamingo! I was in Indianapolis today, big trip, 18 miles south since the weather is so lousy, -3 until 11am. The roads were fine except out my front door.

Anyway, I wore my TFL Bonita t-shirt the Ignot and hade 2 people ask after both! Not much going on where I went? No...when I wear the t-shirt and Ignot everyone asks! Proud to be a supporter and a long distance friend of TFL

John Wells said...

Thanks Mr. M