Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Murder in South County

Brewster County Sheriff's Office confirms the person found dead at "La Kiva" was owner Glen Felts.
Investigators have told CBS 7 that it is officially a murder investigation. They also said Felts' body was found in the restaurant at approximately 8 a.m. by a kitchen worker. The worker initially believed the body was that of a passed-out patron, but soon after realized that it was Felts. Then worker then called 9-1-1 at around 9 a.m.

NewsWest 9
TERLINGUA - The owner of a popular restaurant in Terlingua has been found dead.
The Brewster County Sheriff's Office confirmed that the body belongs to Glenn Felts, the longtime owner of La Kiva Restaurant.  According to the Big Bend Gazette, his body was found outside the restaurant around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.  Sheriff Ronny Dodson also told the Big Bend Gazette that they do suspect foul play and that they are working on one suspect in particular.  No arrests have been made but authorities did tell the Gazette they plan on working the crime scene throughout the night.


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