Saturday, May 14, 2016

water audit

Caught a grand total of .11" of rain (and four bugs) in the rain gauge late last night.  According to my calculations, that amounts to 248.27 gallons caught...which is about a weeks supply for Ben's trough due to his thirst and evaporation.  My catchment system collects 2,257 gallons per inch of rain  - if it is a fast rain and the creek runs, I can add another 3,000 gallons to that total with my pump.  Just checked all my tanks and as of today I have 13,040 gallons on tap.  I use about a gallon per day for drinking/cleaning, etc....and 5 gallons per shower (which will start happening about once per week now that my shower is back in business).  The bees/bunnies/roosters/and Javier share about a gallon per day.  About one quart per day goes to some lettuce and chard plants I started 2 months ago.  Currently, my total water usage per week is roughly 375 gallons.  At that rate, even without any more rain I have enough water to last me about 8 months. The four first flush downspouts on the greenhouse hold a little over 2 gallons each.  That water goes to my 4 palo verde trees when it's available right after a storm.  For now, I don't bother recycling any of my grey water because I produce so little.  The drinking water filter system I bought right before I broke my leg is still in the boxes.  Total storage capacity is 22,375 gallons.  78,88,59. .16".B


Larry G said...

it looks like you have carefully calculated the numbers - which is smart if one is going to live off the grid in a place that on average gets what, about 10 inches a year?

It's amazing though how many critters around you that come and go - manage to find enough water to survive on and I guess it's down in that creek area which I presume is a tributary of Terlingua creek that flows into the Rio Grande.

Looks like if you wanted to more greenhouse stuff that you'd probably need more tanks or are you capturing everything off the roofs already?

Margery Bills said...

Life for another 8 months.

Sam Finn said...

There are 6 quadrillion gallons of water in the Great Lakes. Maybe we can work out some kind of trade? ;-)