Thursday, August 25, 2016

Maxillary Sinuses

I'm beginning to think I may just live through the weekend and make it to Monday for my extraction.  Woke up this morning with lighter than usual pain.  Took a pain pill for breakfast and went for my morning walk.  Had a cup of coffee and my antibiotic pill then laid back down for a spell.  Caution - this is gross: Suddenly I felt a pop in my sinus along with a god awful smell of death.  Got up an blew my nose really hard then hawked up some loogies from hell.  Suddenly all the pressure was gone there.  My maxillary sinuses are exceptionally large and that is the "root of the problem".  The dentist assured me to expect the once daily azithromycin to take at least 72 hours to kick in - and apparently that was right on the money.  Made it through the day without another pain med.  I might actually get a good night's sleep tonight...but it is still gonna be a very long weekend.  83,85,68,0,B


bob r said...

LEANING OVER you should have had a pressure feeling on side affected over affected sinus, force fluids as well

Rita B. said...

Glad to hear that things are clearing up. Just a few more days and that nasty tooth will be gone. Take care.

Margery Bills said...

Ty for the picture. I did not know all that. Glad you're going to be better soon.

Larry G said...

yeeech.. TMI!!! ; -) surprised that the sinus gets penetrated and it's
not a medical issue... be vigilant and get yourself to doc earlier if things
don't seem right .. otherwise ... good luck on putting the ordeal in the rear
view mirror on Monday!

Dizzy-Dick said...

The dentist is always a last resort on my part.