Friday, July 6, 2018

a friday night film


John Wells said...

Chupa loves this video. Rooster Crowing Compilation Plus by YANG Edwin has had almost 30 million views. News Theme 2 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Rita B. said...

You're still The Man Chupa!!! That's too cute!

linda said...

Chupa’s hysterical 😆👍

triniki said...

I love what you're doing - you are definitely lucky to have found a place with no restrictions.

I'm curious about something, and if this question has been asked before, please excuse me, as this is my first time here.

Even an off-grid lifestyle has expenses that go along with it. Based on the overall time you've spent there, what would you estimate your monthly expenses to be?

John Wells said...

triniki: Aside from no utility bills, there is nothing cheap about "living off the grid" - especially in a remote area with few local amenities. All I will say is that my biggest bill every month is health insurance at $630 - because I don't rely on taxpayers to subsidize what every mature adult should be responsible for. Thanks to the damage Obamacare did, my premiums have doubled in the last 6 years.

remmij said...

have Chupa and raven sized each other up yet?

Jessica Schweizer said...

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