Friday, July 13, 2018

a friday night film


John Wells said...

On Tuesday afternoon, a big storm just missed me but swamped the watershed that feeds my canyon. All the rain that falls in a 10 square mile area east of me flows right through my property. The next morning ( from my house heading east) my road was dry as a bone for the first half mile but the next two miles to the highway have some problem spots that will need to be addressed. News Theme 2 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Artist: Destination Unknown by Ugonna Onyekwe used by permission from the YouTube Audio Library.

Rita B. said...

Hope you're safe and have plenty of supplies. That looks like it will take a while to dry up.

Margery Bills said...

To me it's just too bad that out of all that you cannot get a swimming hole.

LeoinSA said...

John - A couple questions... Is the water course the same one that you tried to dam several years ago? If so, I can see why the dam washed away.

Looks like UPS won't be coming in for a few days... ;-)

Compared to previous episodes of rain and road washout, how does this one compare to others?

Finally, is there a roadgrader that will come and fill in the bad spots? Or is the repair of your access road up to you?


linda said...

Good luckšŸ¤­

John Wells said...

LeoinS: Yes, this is the river I tried to dam - it was located at the bottom of the frame at :32 in the video. This wasn't too bad compared to some other storms. After a day and a half of drying, I was able to get out without having to do much filling. Eventually, the Terlingua Ranch Road crew will come out and repair the bad spots.

Homer Ellinger said...

Hmmmmm somehow if and when I do select some land I will take this clip into consideration. Is it obvious what floods and what doesn't when its dry and a person is land shopping?

John Pruitt said...

It appears the road crew will earn their money keeping your road open. Money well spent.

Me Notu said...

I wonder how much water collects down in my little basin during a good rain. Heck, if I built a good dam at the south end I could make a huge pond, but that would be devastating to all the wildlife that lives down in there.

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