Saturday, July 7, 2018

jinxed it...

It has been almost a year since I have had enough rain at once to suck water out of the arroyo.  Prepped to pump this afternoon but the storm pooped out.  67,88,71, .15",B


Robert said...

You have a good amount of roof space on your out building ,has there been enough to catch or is it just do to the drought?
I had seen a ground water catchment system where a false pond was installed it had a liner and a cistern so if even a little rain due to the surface area of recovered a lot of water 200'x200' came out to 24000 gallons per inch of rain.

John Wells said...

Calculating catchment is simple math - square footage of roof surface times .623 equals gallons per inch of rain. We are a little behind on rain this year with only 1.78" so far - by this time last year we had 3.5". Since I have been here, the yearly average rainfall has been 9.26" (ranging from the 3.82" in 2011 to 12.37" in 2016). My roof catchment systems provide 2,133 gallons per inch of rain. If I get a really fast 1" of rain and the arroyo runs, I can add another 3,000 gallons to that total. I have storage capacity for 20,000 gallons. Creating a large false pond with a liner is not practical or cost effective for my situation.

Unknown said...

I've always like the sound of the word "arroyo".

Unknown said...

Mr. Wells,
I would like to ask if you have any issues with the Mexico side and its people passing though your property

Unknown said...

How much would it cost to drill a well and how far down do I have to go

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