Monday, July 2, 2018

a monday matinee...


John Wells said...

Everyone likes Field Lab Solar Oven Bread...even the raven. He eventually came back and took the rest of the loaf. News Theme 2 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Unknown said...

Hey's Eugene Marsh, you're neighbor in Agua Fria. How are you doing? I just got a notice via certified mail from Terlingua Ranch POA seeking $1418.93. They are threatening to take legal action if I don't respond and pay within 30 days. Do you know what's going on? What are you going to do? Sorry to jump your blog reply with this contact but could you get back with me ASAP please?! Thank you very much. My phone number is 407-255-0810 take care of my friend

John Wells said...

Howdy Eugene...good to talk to you. Since you don't plan on ever moving there, I suggest you just sell the property and get what you can for it so you don't have to worry about it. That being said - they normally only repossess land that is unoccupied, delinquent in POA dues, AND delinquent in property taxes. Five basically worthless acres is hardly worth fretting about. They send those threatening letters out to everyone who doesn't live here full time but tend to only go after properties that are abandoned and tax delinquent as well. They don't have a legal standing to pursue all POA delinquent properties because the dues have been raised over the years without a vote of the membership. There are over 5,000 individual property owners on Terlingua Ranch and almost half of them don't pay the dues.

Margery Bills said...

Wow, Mine, Yum, Oops so much,how do I handle this?

Unknown said...

Hi John,

Two of my sons and I are visiting the USA in September having been inspired by your good self to purchase land in Terlingua Ranch. It will be something of a road trip because we intend to visit Yosemite,Grand Canyon and across to California, but we will be in Terlingua for a day or two.

How do you feel about a burger at the cinema - our treat? Do they still have two for one Mondays - we did E-Mail the query to them but they have not replied? If you intend replying could you use my E-Mail address - We will be in the USA between 1-15th Sept. Hope to see you then. Russell

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